Three Questions to Ask When Managing Heat Safety in the Workplace

There are a number of increased risks that come with the summer heat and in the workplace, it’s essential these risks are managed. Regardless of your area of business, workers need to feel safe and the way in which your work impacts others should be monitored.

According to Sourceable, when the weather warms up you should start asking yourself these questions: Click Here To Read More

Contractor Killed in Coal Mine Accident

A 38-year-old female contractor was killed in a collision with a dump truck at GlencoreXstrata’s Ravensworth open cut coal mine in New South Wales.

News reports indicate the woman was killed when the Toyota Land Cruiser she was driving was run over by a 400 tonne dump truck around midnight. The woman had just turned onto a major haul way when the truck ran over her vehicle. It took four hours to remove the woman’s body from the Toyota, which was lodged under the dump truck. Click Here To Read More

2014 Marks Start of SA’s New Work Safety Standards

New safe work standards for the construction industry in South Australia have gone into full effect since January 1. The regulations have been on the books for a year, but have not been enforced because of a grace period.

Some of the requirements of the new regulations include: Click Here To Read More

90% of Mining Fatalities Involve Contractors

Nine out of ten of the people who died in mining accidents in Queensland in the last decade were contractors, a study by the state’s Mine Safety and Health Commissioner has found. That means contractors are nine times more likely to die in mining accidents than full-time employees.

Mine Safety and Health Commissioner Stewart Bell blamed insufficient training provided to contractors for the high rate of fatalities. Bell also noted that contractors often perform more dangerous jobs and may not be familiar with safety protocols. Click Here To Read More

IRC Fines Primo Australia Scone Abattoir for Gas Fire

The Industrial Relations Commission (‘IRC’) has fined the owners of Primo Australia Scone Abattoir $110,000 after one of Primo’s contractors suffered serious burns on site.

The contractor was injured when he cut a gas pipe that ignited. The contractor, who had more than 40 years experience in cutting concreted, had serious burns to his head and arm when the butane ignited.
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Asbestos Scare at Hazelwood Prompts Change

Maintenance workers have been able to return to their jobs after an asbestos scare at Hazelwood Power Station. According to the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU), as many as 12 workers may have been exposed to asbestos in October.

A spokesperson from Hazelwood clarified that the gaskets where the asbestos exposure occurred had been sealed shut immediately. A sample revealed that there had been a small amount of white asbestos on the material but no airborne asbestos.
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Is Australia Moving Towards a Consistent Federal Standard for Work Health and Safety?

While business considers national uniformity of work health and safety (‘WHS’) laws to be ideal, Victoria and Western Australia have not yet adopted harmonised WHS legislations.

Harmonisation of WHS Laws

National enterprises with cross-state operations, in particular, would prefer to have all states and territories adopt the model WHS laws. New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Queensland, and the ACT began adopting the model laws on 1 January 2012 and Tasmania and South Australia took on the laws earlier this year.
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Unions Condemn Queensland’s New Workplace Safety Proposals

Unions have spoken out against the Queensland government’s move to change workplace safety laws. The unions have argued that contractors’ and employees’ lives will be placed at risk and ‘cowboy builders’ allowed free rein under the proposed changes.

Under the proposals, unions will be locked out of construction sites for at least 24 hours before they can inspect safety breaches.
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Queensland Government Seeks to Improve Mining Safety

The Queensland Government has released a report, the Queensland Mine Safety Framework Regulatory Impact Statement (‘RIS’), which explores different options for updating the current legislative framework. The canvassed changes are aimed at enhancing current mining safety and health standards.

According to Natural Resources and Mines Minister Andrew Cripps, safety is the government’s top priority when it comes to the mining industry. Cripps said that the government wants to make sure that Queensland mine workers returns home safely at the end of each shift.
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BHP Billiton and Contractor Fined for Fatal Accident

Mining giant BHP Billiton, along with its subcontractor HWE Newman Services have been fined more than $230,000 for the death of a staff member in the Yandi mine in Western Australia in 2008.

The mobile maintenance supervisor, Paul Sparkes, was hit by the arm of a tyre handler device. The cause of death was determined to be the overinflated heavy earth mover tyre, which caused the arm to spring off and hit Sparkes.
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