2014 Marks Start of SA’s New Work Safety Standards

New safe work standards for the construction industry in South Australia have gone into full effect since January 1. The regulations have been on the books for a year, but have not been enforced because of a grace period.

Some of the requirements of the new regulations include:

  • Contractors will have to notify SafeWork SA if a worksite contains lead or lead paint.
  • If lead is present, contractors will have to test and monitor it.
  • A new set of standards for divers involved in construction work.
  • Audiometric testing for workers that need to use noise protection equipment.
  • New training standards and management plans for worksites that have naturally occurring asbestos.
  • New standards for handling some prohibited and regulated carcinogens (cancer-causing materials).

Full descriptions of the new standards are available at SafeWork SA’s website. According to Sourceable, the agency has now started enforcing the standards since the grace period ended on January 1.

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