90% of Mining Fatalities Involve Contractors

Nine out of ten of the people who died in mining accidents in Queensland in the last decade were contractors, a study by the state’s Mine Safety and Health Commissioner has found. That means contractors are nine times more likely to die in mining accidents than full-time employees.

Mine Safety and Health Commissioner Stewart Bell blamed insufficient training provided to contractors for the high rate of fatalities. Bell also noted that contractors often perform more dangerous jobs and may not be familiar with safety protocols.

Some mine managers are neglecting the training of contractors and ignoring laws that require safety training and precautions, Bell alleged. He did not say whether the state government is planning any additional enforcement efforts to address the problems.

Queensland Natural Resources and Mines Minister Andrew Cripps recently announced planned changes to safety regulations. The changes include having all mines introduce a single safety and health management system that will cover both company employees and contractors.

The state also wants to bring in a Board of Examiners competency certificate for safety officers at mines. It is not clear when these changes will be mandated because they are still under review by state officials and representatives of the mining industry.

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