Cafe Manager Fined for Not Taking Appropriate Safety Precautions

In the wake of a deadly electrocution, a judge for the NSW Industrial Court has fined an employer $100,000 for not taking the proper precautions regarding electrical work.

Cafe C Pty Ltd in Sydney relied on a plumber to replace an electric pump that was submerged in water. This resulted in the fatal electrocution of a waiter when he stepped into some water that had pooled on the kitchen floor.

The pump, which was submerged in a “wet well” filled with waste water under the kitchen floor, was connected to a power supply by a cable. It was later discovered that this cable wasn’t positioned properly, which, when it came into contact with the water, caused the deadly voltage.

Although the manager of the cafe inspected the electrical appliances regularly, the judge decided that he lacked “particular expertise or knowledge as to electrical systems.”

“In the circumstances, the attention given by the [employer] to the engagement of specialist third parties fell well short,” said Vice President Justice Michael Walton, adding that the manager should have called a contractor management company to engage a credible electrician to do the inspections.


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