Contractor Killed in Coal Mine Accident

A 38-year-old female contractor was killed in a collision with a dump truck at GlencoreXstrata’s Ravensworth open cut coal mine in New South Wales.

News reports indicate the woman was killed when the Toyota Land Cruiser she was driving was run over by a 400 tonne dump truck around midnight. The woman had just turned onto a major haul way when the truck ran over her vehicle. It took four hours to remove the woman’s body from the Toyota, which was lodged under the dump truck.

This was the first time a female worker has been killed in the Australian coal industry. GlencoreXtrastra executives, police, the coroner, and the NSW Mine Safety Investigation Unit are investigating the incident.

The cause of the tragedy is not known, but Peter Jordon of the CFMEU union said that transport rules at open cut operations need to be re-evaluated. Jordan believes that dangerous interactions between large mining vehicles such as dump trucks and light vehicles is becoming too common at operations.

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