Helmet Sensors Offer Protection Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Virginia Tech investigators have received a Best Paper Award for their research into the use of wearable computing systems installed in helmets. The researchers say that the device, concealed in a helmet, offers protection from carbon monoxide poisoning to construction workers.

In residential and industrial settings, carbon monoxide poisoning is a huge problem. Hand tools that are powered by gasoline can easily generate exhaust which gathers in confined spaces. This exhaust can also cause the user of the tool and any workers nearby to be overcome.

The researchers found that, if wearing this helmet, a worker would receive warning of an imminent dangers of poisoning by carbon monoxide with a probability of more than 99%.

In their report, the researchers said that the helmet is just the first step towards their goal of having an entire network wearable smart personal protective wear on construction sites to enhance the safety of employees.

The researchers used a helmet for this purpose because a design was required that could be worn all year, that would not subject the wearer to undue attention and have a blend of feasibility, usability and also comfort.

Source:  http://www.safetowork.com.au/news/helmet-sensors-protect-against-carbon-monoxide-poi

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