Queensland Government Seeks to Improve Mining Safety

The Queensland Government has released a report, the Queensland Mine Safety Framework Regulatory Impact Statement (‘RIS’), which explores different options for updating the current legislative framework. The canvassed changes are aimed at enhancing current mining safety and health standards.

According to Natural Resources and Mines Minister Andrew Cripps, safety is the government’s top priority when it comes to the mining industry. Cripps said that the government wants to make sure that Queensland mine workers returns home safely at the end of each shift.

Although he admits that no system can be perfect, Cripps argues that the new proposals to lead to safer outcomes. He adds that the state’s mining community needs to review the current legislative framework and consider whether they have the best system for protecting mining workers.

The changes include increasing the number of coal industry safety and health representatives and mandating that all operations have a safety and health management system that covers both contractors and employees. The proposals, if adopted, would also have key safety positions at mining sites become statutory roles, so that the person in the position would need to have a Board of Examiners competency certificate.

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