Three Questions to Ask When Managing Heat Safety in the Workplace

There are a number of increased risks that come with the summer heat and in the workplace, it’s essential these risks are managed. Regardless of your area of business, workers need to feel safe and the way in which your work impacts others should be monitored.

According to Sourceable, when the weather warms up you should start asking yourself these questions:

1. Do you work outdoors?

If your workers spend large periods of the day outside, it’s important they are provided with water, sunscreen, UV protective clothing, a hat and shade where possible. You may also need to consider more staff breaks to allow for heat recovery.

2. Do any of your workers smoke?

Too often you hear of fires ignited by cigarettes being flicked out of a window. If a worker was to be seen flicking a cigarette from a branded vehicle, could your company handle the consequences should a fire ignite? Be sure to remind every smoker about their responsibilities.

3. Does your work create any sparks?

On particularly hot days, especially when wind is involved, could you reschedule work for another day? If not, check your surroundings and ensure you have a good fire plan in place.

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