Workplace Health and Safety Checks Begin in Bundaberg

A group of eight Workplace Health and Safety Inspectors are making their way around the Bundaberg region, carrying out on-the-spot checks on farms when they see agricultural workers.

These actions are in response to a number of complaints about various farms and their working conditions.

Of the first 30 checks on Bundaberg-based contractor operations and properties, 15 improvement notices were issued as a result of breaches compromising the health and safety of workers.

According to Principal Rural Inspector, Fiona O’Sullivan of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ), Bundaberg is the first area of Queensland to be investigated, but the program will be rolled out statewide.

Fruit and vegetable farms have received the most scrutiny, following a 2009 WHSQ investigation which identified health and safety issues including: chemical use, heat stress, induction, information, training and instruction, as being of significant concern.

O’Sullivan said that the intention of the program is to improve working conditions, especially through education and information.

She said that the program will ensure that farmers and contractors the information, infrastructure and the training to reduce the risk of injury to workers and also allow them to work safely.


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